FSE Listings Inc announces new Canadian Companies listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange from the NEX, TSX, TSXV, CNQ, and CNSX

FSE Listings Inc announces new Canadian Companies listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange from the NEX, TSX, TSXV, CNQ, and CNSX

August 14th 2010 (Frankfurt, Germany) FSE Listings Inc announces new Canadian Companies listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Three companies from Calgary, Alberta have recently stepped forward and two companies from Toronto, Ontario looking to list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Several companies find the difficulty to stay as an operating entity on the Toronto Stock Exchange second tier challenging in the current market place where several Canadian Brokers cannot or will not perform a financing for their companies. With the appropriate capital-in, these companies are attractive listings for the Frankfurt Stock Exchange whereby they can begin with their assets and current shareholder base a “fresh-start” in a new market.

Many firms on the TSX, TSXV, NEX, CNQ, CNSX, and related Canadian Exchanges fit the criteria of a primary listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The companies have substantial investment-in and shareholders, a tangible asset that only requires further financing, however, they are in illiquid Canadian markets or lack the appeal to work with a broker dealer.

As one Canadian firm said, “Listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 5 weeks from incorporation of a holding company, and starting fresh is much better than trying to bring a company back to life from the NEX market or paying out the high-fees demanded by TSX compliance. Frankfurt is simply a better option, Canadians are familiar with it, and its RRSP eligible.”

The Frankfurt Market offers a considerable amount of liquidity, much more than one can expect from a lesser listing, and obviously much better than no listing at all. The fact we can list companies in 5-6 weeks from incorporation, we have perfected the due diligence process and preparation for new clients down to a listing science making us one of the most sought after teams in the small cap markets.” Mark Bragg of FSE Listings Inc and OTC Listings.

FSE Listings Inc has been operating as the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings Consortium since 2000, listing companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and US OTCBB. With several hundred firms listed within the professional consortium of Listing Partners, Lawyers, Accountants, and Partners, FSE Listings remains one of the most successful and industry relied upon professional groups.

Why list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and why is it superior to the alternatives?

  • The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the world’s third largest trading center for securities and Germany’s largest exchange.
  • German investors, both institutional and private, who have held back from investing for many years by government restraints and their own conservatism, are now actively searching for small to mid-size Australian, U.S. and Canadian companies to invest in.
  • The German Frankfurt Exchange has a primary market consisting of more than 100 million people, and has the fastest rate of growth and the highest income per head in the EU.
  • European investors invest for the long term. And in most European countries there are major tax benefits for holding on to purchased stock for a certain amount of time as opposed to “dumping” it immediately into the market. The lack of investors that instantly sell a company’s stock allows for stability in stock price and opportunities for growth. Compared to the listing on other exchanges, such as the NASDAQ, OTC Bulletin Board, Canadian Venture Exchange (TSX) or the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in London, Frankfurt stands out because of the ease of entry, (Audited financials are not required), fast process and low annual fees.
  • Today, with a total turnover of €5.2 trillion per year the Frankfurt Stock Exchange strengthens its position as the world’s 3rd largest trade-place for stocks and the world’s 2nd largest by market capitalization.



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