FRANKFURT STOCK EXCHANGE LISTING and IR/PR – Vital to the Success of Your Public Company

More buying than selling makes stocks go up, and more selling than buying makes a stock go down. This is a very simplistic explanation, but it’s also true. The magic question is, what causes more buying than selling? The answer is very complex, and depends on many factors, but again, in very simple terms, the factors that cause more buying than selling are 1) positive company developments 2) the dissemination of news describing such positive development to the public. This is often achieved by issuing news releases and, more importantly, making sure they are seen by many potential investors through quality IR/PR.  IR/PR is not cheap, but is vital to the success of your public company. Even if your public company is experiencing extremely positive developments, without a good IR/PR program, it is unlikely that your stock will achieve a desirable level of liquidity. The reason for this is simple…the positive developments will not have any effect on the stock’s liquidity or stock price if no potential investors see the news and thus, do not buy the stock.

If you are looking to get listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange or hire an IR/PR professional for a listed frankfurt stock exchange company contact

Frankfurt Stock Exchange Dual Listings and Retail Market

There are several different stock exchanges globally that can benefit from dual listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

  • ASX Listings (Australian Securities Exchange Listings)
  • TSX Listings (Toronto Stock Exchange Listings)
  • London Stock Exchange Listings, AIM Stock Exchange Listings
  • OTCQB Dual Listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

ASX Dual Listings on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Stock Exchange Listings consortium with FSE Listings Inc, a global leader in listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange can list Australian Listed companies on the Frankfurt 2nd Quotation Board as a dual listing. From the German market, there is a shortage of listed companies and a high-demand to invest in Australian Companies. Submit your company’s symbol and your contact information SUBMIT COMPANY Cost: 5,000 euro

TSX Listings Dual Listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Toronto Stock Exchange is a highly respected exchange within Europe. The TSX qualifies for Pension fund investment and institutional investment, however, in order to reach the much desired retail market in Europe, a dual listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange traditionally has been the ideal way to reach the European Markets. Candian Stock Exchange listings such as the CNSX also can dual list and raise capital through Germany. SUBMIT COMPANY Cost 5,000 euro

London Stock Exchange and AIM Dual Listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

London, AIM, and PLUS markets have been listing companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for volume and investment from the German Equities market for over a decade. With a dual listing of the British listed company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the dual listing of London and Germany reaches the 2 most powerful financial markets within Europe. If you are listed on the LSE, AIM, or Plus markets and would like to get the exposure and volume of dual listing, submit your company here, SUBMIT COMPANY Cost: 5,000 euro

OTCQB Dual Listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Frankfurt Stock Exchange 2nd Quotation Board is one of the only European Markets that OTC Listings from the United States can dual list. The firms need to be an OTCQB company, they should have over $1 share price ideally, the company should have no regulatory halts or issues, the business requires to be active and audited (fully reporting), all shares listed must be free trading shares. For more information to see if your OTCBB is capable of dual listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange or Berlin, SUBMIT COMPANY Cost: 5,000 euro