Bond Formation

Bond formation includes the structure creation, ISIN number registration, base prospectus document, and indenture of assets that back the Bond formation. Formation of a Bond can be built for almost any investment grade Country, as long as the assets are unencumbered and insurable. We have formed bonds from 5 million USD to 5 billion USD.

Investment Insurance

Once the Bond is formed and the assets back the investment, the investment of the Company can be insured. There are a variety of firms that Stock Exchange Listings works with as insurance consortiums, each Country generally has different assurance firms that would insure the investment. Generally Director Insurance is required and needs to be eligible for the same amount as the bond is registered for.

Bond Rating

With the insurance and formation of the Bond, a rating agency can perform due diligence on the asset package and assurances for rating of the Bond.

Bond Clearing and Settlement

The Bond has an ISIN number registered that is then registered with a clearing firm, for transfer and settlement electronically. Settlement is only possible with a registered prospectus document in the origin of the Bond and within the jurisdiction in Europe.

Bond Stock Exchange Listings

The Bond once cleared and rated can be settled into a stock exchange, such as GXG Markets, Berlin Stock Exchange, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Mauritius Stock Exchange, Luxembourg, or other markets depending on which market is ideal for the placement of the debt.


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