Why the rumor that the TSX is closing their doors on foreign companies opens the doors for UK Stock Markets like the GXG Markets

The Toronto Stock Exchange appears to becoming more and more difficult to list foreign companies from China, Asia, Africa, and developing countries. The main criteria is that the Exchange, Regulators, and Lawyers who form businesses for the Toronto stock exchange are more and more interested in “Canadian Content” or “Canadian Connections” such as Canadian mind and management, Canadian projects, and Canadian run firms in International Markets. Firms from China have reportedly had a difficult time listing on the TSX Venture and TSX main board due to the lack of Canadian connections.
Much of this is related to the reporting and disclosure standards of the TSX Listings that many of the firms that have entered the Toronto Stock Exchange were not prepared for. This in combination with recent delisting of Pinksheets and OTCBBs in the US have basically removed for foreign companies any easy listing market to go into in North America, in fact globally.
Toronto is not the only regulated market to take this kind of approach, as most firms experience delays in listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for closure of their open market and the Berlin Stock Exchange which has made German firms an official preference after before touting their exchange as the place for firms from the US to list, this has now changed.
In actual fact, there is only really one global stock exchange that caters to a true “world stock exchange” status left in the market call the GXG Markets, or Danish Stock Market that has passported their OTC Markets to be a UK Stock Exchange. The GXG Markets has an OTC market which is similar to how the Frankfurt, Berlin, OTCBB, and Toronto Venture Exchange have run in the past without the cost and strict compliance.
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