FSE Listings Inc: Do you have a patent that requires financing to be commercialized? You may qualify for financing and listing on Frankfurt.

Companies that score high on their pre-valuation for the world-wide market of their patent and technology can enter the Frankfurt Stock Exchange provided they meet the minimum requirements.

The process for listing your firm and gaining financing would be:

  • Prevaluation of your patent
  • Vetting of the Business Plan and revenue
  • Due diligence on the companies prototypes, proofs, and work to date
  • Analysis of the industry and management
  • Timeframe to revenue with the patent and technology
  • Full Valuation Completed with Management recommendations for financing and listings

Once this process has been completed, FSE Listings Inc incorporates the firm required for listing and raising capital. The firm will meet the requirements of the capital-in, minimum shares, and market capitalization.

If you are interested in financing your firm and patent portfolio, contact us to begin the free prevaluation.

If your firm does not have the capital to list, our firm also can assist in licensing of your technology, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, and sale of the patent after valuation. The key is knowing your value and making it count!

Listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange could have your firm financed up to 5 million euro inside of 30 days of your FSEĀ listing. Don’t hesitate to contact us, info@fselistings.com and tell us about your technology or patent.

Our firm is the Premier FSE Listing Partner, be careful when choosing who you work with, most firm’s don’t understand the trading and financing of the firm properly, or the reasons for listing fully. Some have even gone so far as to copy our advice and then list firms taking stock and percentages of your firm upfront. We have had to help most of the new FSE listings on the market who have done it themselves or with unprofessional firms end up coming to us for help. Sometimes its too late, don’t make the mistake of working with firms who claim to be Law firms and Lawyers who specialize in Funding… most of them have not succeeded in their promises. Don’t make the mistake and come talk to FSE Listings Inc first, the Premier FSE Listing Partner and FSE Listings consultants!